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If I had to make a list of the most luxurious places I’ve ever been too, Monaco would definitely be in it. Between the high quality shopping options and the five stars hotels, it is the place where the jet set crowd from all around the world reunites during summer time to party and enjoy fancy cocktails at the Jimmy’z. Get your party dresses out and put some lipstick on it, the game is on.

I’m not the kind of person who tries to fit in a mold wherever I go, I usually like to play on my rules and kind of follow the other path. It’s kind of psychological, I think I have a trauma… because I always tend to feel pressured to actually do things differently. The more casual people dress, the fancier I want to look. The more extravagant, the more I try to under dress. I’m just that kind of freak… BUT, Monaco did make me want to put my game on and just enjoy this incredibly posh lifestyle, if even only for 48 hours. My inner Grace De Monaco kind of resurrected in me.

Staying at the hotel Hermitage, lunching at the hotel de Paris and then enjoying the view of the Monte Carlo beach club, Louis Vuitton heavily spoiled us. We were giggling of happiness like rosy little piglets. Not to mention that Monaco is the place for instagramming. It just seems like everything, at every angle, is photogenic. From the rooftops, to the actually ground, to the food : everything was so meticulously prepared, with so much care and attention.

I highly suggest you guys to discover Monaco if you ever have the opportunity.  Don’t stay there for too long though as it’s a very small city with not that much to do, but it’s so cute and fancy, perfect for a short week-end to enjoy the beach, the clubs, the restaurants and the spa treatments with your friends or just as a romantic date! As always, enjoy this Instagram Diary, you can follow me on Instagram (@kristina_bazan) or my partner in crime James (@jameschardon) for our live updates!


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