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Beach life

Ah, summer… The scent of sun protection cream, the salt in the hair that makes it so fuzzy and pretty to style, the naps at 4pm in the afternoon, the endless meaningful talks with your closest friends… Summer… If only it could be summer all year long. Actually for some lucky folks (I am talking about you L.A people!!!) it does seem to be just like that all year long. What a luxury. It’s perhaps one of the reasons why we are planning to move to California, just saying.

Sun simply sets me in a great mood. It makes me want to be super active and spend the days out instead of the office. Now we do discuss summer, but beach gave me this season newer challenges. It’s been a while since I actually spent a few days at the beach. It was a special time this year as I had the chance to be hosted by the delightful team of Forte Village in Sardinia with my best friend Fiona, who also works part time with us, the Kayteam.

I’m used to cover myself up with tons of clothing. But this time it was the perfect occasion to slim down, work out and be as healthy as positive while hanging out on this absolutely gorgeous Italian beach (where by the way, each girl seemed to be 20 times prettier than the one you’ve seen before). Before heading to Forte Village, not only did I do a juice cleanse, I also avoided all carbs (not so hard with the gluten intolerance) and sugar. In terms of work-out, I enjoyed doing some pilates and regular exercises : squats and planks are fantastic.

My goal was to be “naturally” fit. Not too much, but still sleek and slim. Owning the bikini is a whole art and there’s definitely an incredible lifestyle that goes behind it, which I am actually also fascinated by. I felt absolutely in love with my new Victoria’s Secret one piece swimming suit. It really reminded me those old school bikinis that pin-ups used to wear. Paired with some Céline retro sunnies, it seemed like a perfect match to add a fun twist to this look.

Fiona and I had the times of our lives at Forte Village. It is such a peaceful and incredibly relaxing destination. The beach : a pure oasis of peace and tranquility being disturbed if only by a guy who yells “Cocco bello, cocco fresco!” every 15 minutes. Which, I mean, is totally okay as i absolutely love fresh coconut! Also, can’t even describe how amazing it was to be able to be there with my book Fiona. As we work together most of the time, it was so awesome to spend some leisure time together, have endless conversations about life, society, values, ambitions, dreams. Anything. But we would also be speechless and completely silent in front of the beauty of Sardinia and right before passing out on the beach every single day. Forte Village is definitely a hidden paradise in the middle of Italy.

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