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An indian tale

Our Indian adventure goes on with probably the article I was the most excited to share with you. Since many years, I have heard the most incredible stories about Indian weddings. How royal, breathtaking and absolutely gigantically majestic they were. And even though I kept picturing myself in my head what a fairy tale it would be, I never expected that I’d actually be able to assist to one of them one day. When I closed my eyes and envisioned it, I saw colors, flowers everywhere, colorful, sparkling saris and the most lively and vivid ambiance in the world. And I keep pinching myself as it turned out to be exactly, if not better, than the idea I had…

For the occasion, it was my goal to make my own reinterpretation of the perfect modern yet traditional Indian sari look. I was so so so excited to wear something completely different and feel like and Indian princess for a night. As soon as I saw that deep royal blue in the market earlier that day, I knew it was the one. And to make it even more special, I had the honor to wear for one evening these stunningly magical Munnu Gem Palace gold jewels, thanks to Love Gold, to match the outfit I wore that night.

When we arrived at the location of the wedding, needless to say that my breath was completely taken away. I was speechless, heart pounding to the intensive rhythm of the music resonating through the gigantic area of the Palace’s garden, which was for the occasion lit up by thousands and thousands of colorful lights and embellished by the most beautiful flowers in the world. The couple arrived and celebrated the occasion through a variety of games and traditional rituals.

What was surprising for me I have to say, is that we all knew that the marriage was arranged by the bride and groom’s families. Such concept is so hard for our europeans cultures to get a grasp of yet after hearing from our Indian friends who were there at the wedding with us, nothing seemed to feel wrong about it anymore. There was something so magical in the air, both members of the couple come from the same background, faced the same levels of education, know people and common, many factors that have proven through the years that arranged marriages statically seem to last.

And it definitely is a very big deal for the whole family of the new husband and wife. All the uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends from all over the world flew in to assis at the ceremony which lasts in fact over several days. In the end more than 2’000 people attended the wedding, millions of dollars spent to host everybody in the most luxurious and exuberant way possible and give the families pride and dignity over such an event for the rest of their lives. A contrast very striking after a day spent in the reality of the streets of Jodhpur…

I have to say, we danced, we ate all night, our eyes were hypnotized by all these bold, bright colors, those prints, flavors and scents, diamonds, gold everywhere. It will remain an unforgettable night for me and definitely a unique experience which I’ll keep a very strong memory of. A tremendous thanks to Love Goldfor this stunning adventure! Hope you guys will enjoy the images.

All jewels by Munnu Gem Palace, courtesy of Love Gold

Pictures by Philippe Girard

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