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Skyline of dreams

Back to our New York adventure with Rita & Zia! I am happy to reveal to you guys today the third and last part of our collaboration with them around their dramatically, dark and beautiful new Chaos jewelry collection. They reached out to us to ask us to re-interpret their line in one of the most iconic places in the world, a.k.a New York city. The goal was to bring the Kayture vibe to it and tell a story that resonated with us throughout this adventure we lived with their team.

What’s funny about it all is that it would seen almost strange that a collection that’s so edgy and punk inspired would go towards the kind of content that we like to produce here on Kayture which evolves entirely around elegance and grace. But it was so much fun to elevate the pieces and play with them. I loved being challenged to explore my darker side, and actually go outside of the things I am used to do and the stylings I usually tend to gravitate towards.

The Brooklyn bridge is just this utterly iconic place that you just need to explore while in NYC. Since we always stay in town for fashion week, we never actually have the time to visit these kind of places, we miss on all the touristy things that are so fun to do! (for ex. I never set a foot at the MoMa, and I’m dying to go there). I was completely blown away while crossing the bridge. It’s one of the most breathtaking experiences ever. I felt so small yet so empowered at the same time. Looking at all the little messages people left on the stone kept me smiling. I love when places are filled with memories and stories.

I was so happy that it was the background of our last set. It couldn’t have been a better decision! This time, the look was more mature, sexy yet with this dark twist proper to the essence of the collection. Most of the jewels had silver accents accent, but we went ahead and added several necklaces and rings that were made out of rose gold. More and more, I tend to like mix and matching metals and just being playful. And that’s what so cool about Rita & Zia, their pieces have always been designed for stacking up. It’s all about feeling a little wild and free!


DRESS : Three Floor

JEWELS : Rita & Zia

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