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Good classics

Waking up in Los Angeles has been a real pleasure ever since we’ve been back. It’s a sweet routine, where the sun comes early and tickles your nose to wake you up, putting a big smile on your face and putting you in a great mood for the full day to come. Being back in town means also detoxing and re-balancingmy diet after all the crazy travelling. Eating unhealthy in L.A is probably harder than actually not. There are juice bars everywhere, soy milk in your latte is a totally normal thing and Erewhon has been my lost paradise.

I’ve been definitely feeling like I’m home. And you know what? I have to say, it’s quite a magical feeling. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by people who make me feel so good. Great friends and team mates whose drive is so inspiring and energizing… Because after all, at the end of the day, no matter where you are, the most important is who you surround yourself with. If you strive to be a good person and spend time with good, kind hearted people, then anywhere feels like home. Doesn’t it?

As I’ve been spending my days locked up in the studio or in and out of classes (yup been working on something special) my style has evolved into something extremely casual, which is quite perfect for the weather we’ve been facing. And so the look I am sharing with you today feels very special as I feel like it’s been ages since I last wore a heel that was this high. Truth be told, it’s probably one of the comfiest pairs I’ve ever worn so far. I mean, check out this platform!

This Thursday the 23rd, I’ll be hosting a really cool event at 5:30pm with the Michael Kors crew at the Macy’s in Chicago on State Street (111 North State Street, 4th Floor, Women’s Shoe Department) as part of “The World Of Michael Kors” and the special collection he created for the department store! I am expecting to see many of you guys, bring your friends and let’s party! It also a great opportunity to enter their national sweepstakes! I am thrilled about it as MK has always been a brand I’ve related to and worn.

It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet with you guys, exchange some thoughts, take tons of pictures and of course celebrate fashion with one of the best American fashion labels out there. While in the midst of packing, I am happy to share this look with you, where I enjoyed playing with some of the beautiful navy and cream classics from the latest Michael Kors fall collection. To complete the outfit, I used some of MK’s new beauty products, especially enjoy their Sporty Citrus Eau De Parfum which is super fresh and perfect on a hot day like this one, a little bronzer for a healthy glow and of course some lip color.


Total Michael Kors look


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