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Distance. Distance is something I sometimes forget to take but that is so important and crucial in our lives. Taking distance makes us see and feel things from a different perspective, be more respectful towards what’s surrounding us and also adapt a much more zen and easy going attitude in any situation. Breath in, breath out, it’s all good. Distance is also these miles and miles of land that separate us from some of our far away friends or family. But thankfully, we have today our social media to feel like even if we’re so far away : we’re somehow also so close.

If my love for Instagram is quiet obvious for several reasons, I also appreciate the distance it allows me to take in retrospective to all the things that were lived throughout the days, the months, the year. Thanks to you, it also allows me to see certain things with a different point of view, take it less dramatically or maybe even pay more attention. I read all of your comments, and even if I don’t have the time to reply to the hundreds of them, I certainly take it all in and always appreciate so much your time and support. I can’t be more grateful to have such loyal, incredibly inspiring people amongst the Kayture community.

Sometimes, while I am in the city, some of you come by and we talk. About life, about dreams (we take selfies along the way), we laugh and we smile knowing that we kind of know each other even though we just met. We share bits of our lives together, and somehow are present for each other in a very special way. I think that it’s the most incredible thing in this world, as we bond on such deep values. I certainly can’t feel more blessed to have you all on board of this adventure we’re building up together. We are currently developing so many massive projects and I have butterflies in my stomach since the beginning of the year just thinking about all of this. And I know that some of you will be able to say that you were here from the very beginning, giving so much love and support no matter where we choose to go.

I think that’s what’s incredible about the Kaymmunity (yay new Kay word), is how uplifting and inspiring everybody is. We all strive and fight for our dreams, don’t take things for granted, love life and want to surround ourselves with beauty and put out only good vibes out there. I see so much positivity in the comment boxes, smart clever messages that just make me smile so much on a daily basis or sometimes bring me to ask myself questions and see things differently. Please know that you’re all part of our 1 big #kayteam. Thank you for taking the ride.


EXCITING NEWS!!! Kayture has been nominated for the best photography blog at the 2014 Bloglovin awards that are going to be held on the 7th of September in New York.

I am so proud of James and his incredible, mind blowing photography skills that only keep improving and growing day by day.  His work makes Kayture part of what it is, it’s the spice, the goosebumps, the story that make me tear up when looking back at all these unforgettable moments… This nomination is an honor and already such a gift for all the hours of work. I told him, if we get the award, he’ll need to come up on stage, like a sir, big shy kid he is, and own it!

We’d be so proud and grateful to have your support on this. If you’d like, head to and get these voting going :)


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