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Lifetime cartier

You guys have discovered in the past two articles that we’ve had the chance to create with the magical Cartier house and today we are finally revealing the last part of this exciting collaboration. As you may have noticed, I had this little pendant around my neck ever since I got in the first place. It has been my talisman, my lucky charm and statement throughout all of my latest trips and adventures. It simply seems like the wishes, the hopes, the ambitions I locked up in… do actually come true.

Perhaps is it the idea of projecting yourself a goal, something you’re so passionate about and doing everything to make it happen. Waking up and being driven by this never-ending motivation to see your dreams come to reality. When I look down at this delicate, pearly white Amulette, these are all the values that it reminds me off. To never give up, to dare to dream, to love and be adventurous. To take risks, to grasp life with both hands and to enjoy it. It reminds that such a wonderful path has been drawn so far, thus I am lucky to wear a piece like this one and work with such magical house as Cartier, yet that there’s still so much more to be written along the way.

I hope that together, we’ll be able to lift ourselves up and bring only the positivity in each other. Just like the heart of this necklace with it’s hypnotizing diamond center, continually reminding me of the beauty of life. It pushes me in a way to aspire bigger, to fight harder, to smile wider. I’ve alway been drawn into the idea of a lucky charm, yet I almost feel like this one is even more than that. It is now part of me, a reflection of my believes as I barely take it off. There’s nothing I appreciate more than having an emotional attachement to my jewelry . This piece is my personal symbol of love for life. It inspires me to grow.

In this article, we wanted to show another side of this timeless, iconic Amulette and that’s why the title of this article is “Lifetime Cartier“. We shared with you previously some highly polished editorial articles, which were by the way such a challenge yet SO much fun to make, but today, I wanted to show you something more simple and close to my heart. Simply the way I wear this piece on a daily basis and what it means to me. You’ll definitely see it sneaking in most of my pictures here and on Instagram. Now that I have so many dreams locked up in, I can hardly live without. How wonderful is it to have something, so small, so delicate, to remind us of such beautiful, important things in life?


AMULETTE : Cartier

TOP : Zara


SHOES : Alexander Wang

BAG : Céline

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