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Like nothing else matters

The travel rhythm I live on always fluctuates depending on the period of year, but not in a way some would expect. We like to be the band of outsiders to stay home when everybody leaves on holiday and vice versa, relax when everybody is stressing out. Why so? Well, maybe because our heads and ideas are clearer when we know many are taking it easy at this very moment. It gives you this wonderful impression that we’re the one working out here (squeezing muscles). Of course you’re not. BUT on the other hand, there’s nothing more naughty and fun than annoying your friends with holiday pictures while they’re stuck at their office.

After a month of crazy travelling we finally got back at the office to finalize some major projects that are finally shaping up more precisely. There are so many things coming up and I hate for not being able to talk more about them, but at least I feel like I need to share my excitement with you. Bare with me guys, we’re getting on a big journey. I can tell. Now that most of my friends are gone to chill at the beach, I hibernate under the desk of our office writing, writing, and writing. Organizing and organizing.

The holiday vibe is amazing. Going out each night until 2am, spending the day in an effortless way is the best. But I actually love being at the HQ. Work has been calling me all week and I honestly couldn’t wait anymore to be back in front of my computer to follow up on all the on going conversations we’ve ben having. I love these breaks, these peaceful moments that can’t be disturbed by anything. I switch off and enter a precious bubble of creativity and massively rapid e-mail typewriting.

This still doesn’t keep me from dreaming about Santorini and looking back at all the gorgeous shots we’ve done during our stay. That day after waking up in Fira, we decided to explore the city of Oia which is supposed to have one of the most gorgeous views and sunsets. I was ready for it. I chose to stay comfortable with a pistache green short from Chloé, white Anine Bing blouse and a love of a backpack that I found while in Mykonos in the finest, cutest little shop. Needless to say, I am obsessed with this unique treasure find. Hope you guys will enjoy!


TOP : Anine Bing

SHORTS : Chloé (Similar Here)

BELT : Barbara Bui (Similar Here)

SHOES : Valentino

BAG : Found in a little greek shop (but, Similar)

EARRING : Shay Accessories

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