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The golden age


Here we are. Finally! After all this wait, we are ready to reveal the result of our secret collaboration with Rita & Zia around their new, bold, CHAOS collection. I was dying to show  these images to you guys as they are so different and special, nothing like I’ve ever done before. We’re going much more edgy with a punk inspiration being the beating rhythm behind this whole entire shoot. It changes from my usual looks and that’s exactly what I love about. Rita and Zia released a couple of months ago a new jewelry collection for fall/winter called CHAOS which the press and general clientele acclaimed. This collection in fact is really all about this, it’s about finding beauty in CHAOS, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things out, daring to be bold and embracing your wild, risky side.

For this project, we flew in New York with the Rita & Zia team, just because there’s truly no place on earth like it to channel such spiritual and stylistic freedom. New York is THE city of dreams, where getting outside the box is a normal thing, where people push their limits and fight for what they love. It’s also a wonderful fashion capital with such a mix and diversity of different cultures and styles. It was definitely the perfect setting for this set of images, which I am honored and happy to share with you today.

We headed to Dumbo in order to get that perfect, cool, edgy vibe into the shooting. The look itself needed to be a mix of different inspirations, a chaos of prints and messages. We start with the lace, proper to my elegant aspirations, then we have the tartan for the punk twist, some black leather for a gothic vibe and a heavy dose of bling with these gorgeous statement pieces from Rita & Zia. It being a swiss brand, makes me so proud and excited.

We’ve been working with their fantastic team for such a long time and it’s amazing to see us growing together and getting ourselves out there to try new things out. Sandrine Barabinot, the head designer of the brand achieved international success with her beaded pieces, yet I so admire her taking the risk to go another way and to add this strong edge and contrast to her jewels. That’s what creation is about, it’s about not being afraid, it’s about exploring and trying new things. Can’t wait to share with you the other sets of images! Get ready for it!!!

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