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London stripes

When it comes to fashion week, my looks tend to gravitate around more asymmetrical cuts, more layers, weird looking, baggy, edgy, destructured pieces.  It’s all about pushing the boundaries a little bit and being clever. If it’s too safe? It’s a no go. If it’s too preppy or “cute”, it’s another no go. On the other hand, if it’s interesting enough to have people stop for a second and give it a second look, then it’s a win. Especially if you’ve taken the risk to wear something you would have never worn normally. If I apply this to fashion week essentially, I have to say, I like to live with this motto day by day, exploring and re-inventing myself through fashion everyday.

And I’ll tell you one thing that I’ve noticed and that I thought was extremely interesting, is the gap between the fashion community’s opinion (editors, stylists, bloggers, buyers) as well as the readership’s. Now that fashion week is  far behind, I feel like I have the appropriate distance to talk about it as I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. It’s been fascinating to see how looks that the fashion folks love, you guys tend to hate. Whether it comes to a big pair of odd looking sandals, a neoprene kimono, some culotte trousers, it seems to be a the ultimate “yes” of all street style photographers, while you guys have been going wild in the comment section saying how much you hate it.

On days where looks were more toned down, cleaner cuts, softer, more elegant aesthetics, it seemed like all the fashion peeps were bluntly bored by it, while you guys made the number of likes per picture literally explode! So what is it that makes it clash so much? I think that first of all, a lot of trends are born out of a sense of unexpected to become popular. It’s a love / hate relationship. The Birkenstocks would probably be the perfect example of it. We all know them from our grand parents who wore them… Yet the entire fashion crowd wore it already 2 seasons ago while we are now only getting used to see them on our feet (… and loving how comfy they feel)! My goal was definitely to please both parties while trying to please myself too by feeling comfortable and excited about new stylings. Fashion always has to day playful and fun.

So here’s an outfit that I decided to pull of while in London right after the Joseph show. It was all about a mix of stripes, this rich dark navy blue color, supper comfortable Alexander Wang flats to stroll around the city from show to show on light toes and my beloved Stella McCartney backpack that I honestly will never be able to get over. The whole look is mostly from Net A Porter. I found this incredible ensemble by Joseph, absolutely loving the cut of the skirt mixed with the matching blouse and the coat of the shoulders. I had the chance to get my hair done by the Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe team that morning, thrilled to run around all curled up. Got my little Chopard watch on to keep me on track of time no matter what!



TOP : Joseph (Similar Here)

SKIRT : Joseph

SHOES : Alexander Wang (Similar Here)

BAG : Stella McCartney (through Monnier Frères) 

COAT : Title A (Similar Here)

WATCH : Chopard

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