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Take care

So first of all, I wanted to start this article by saying a HUGE, gigantic thank you for the CRAZY, nuts, mind-blowing feedback you’ve been giving me these last couple of days… It couldn’t have been a better start of the year and I hope that 2015 means actually meeting you guys and spend time with you all. It’ll happen, let’s make it happen seriously. It would be so much fun. Not only the comments on the last article got me all teared up (even worst than the first time I saw “Faults In Our Stars”… damn this movie)… but the Q&A on Twitter was mad with thousands of new questions popping out every ten minutes. It felt like a house party : you guys were so many. Imagine how fun it would be if we were all in a room together.

We have so many cool things in stock for you all this year. I am just so excited to keep living all these amazing experiences together and hope to surprise you all the time with new adventures. I’ve noticed that many of you ask me tips about health and how to take care of yourself. I shot these images last December and never had the opportunity to publish them but since everybody has been partying like crazy these past couple days, I felt like we’re all in need of a little detox.

I love juicing, green juices are like my Holy Grail. I feel like they boost my immune system, make my skin clear and bright, balance out my energy levels. Ever since I started juicing and using superfoods in my everyday diet, my health has never been better and I even stopped using medicine, or at least reduced it to the very extreme minimum. There’s really everything we need out there in the nature for us to heal our little wounds : from headaches to stomach cramps. I’ve really been fascinated with the idea of having the healthiest, cleanest diet possible with tons of good things for your body and mind.

When I travel however, it gets a little tricky to manage to find green juices everywhere and to get my intake of superfoods. So initially, I’d always go to pharmacies to stock up on goji berries, spirulina powder, noni juice and things like that to keep with me while I travel and add it to my room service breakfast in the morning. But I have to say, it was quiet annoying… I had to carry way to many things around and it would get all messed up my luggages.  So when I found out about L.A Star it was kind of like, finally! It’s an organic superfood powder that contains Maca, Camu-Camu, Goji, Acai, Spirulina, Lucuma, barley grass and wheat grass, all in one. I pour it in my morning water and boom : instant green juice. I try to have it every single day or every two days and honestly, it’s really worth it.

If there’s anything really important, is taking care of yourself and giving fuel to your body so that it can function properly and be as efficient as possible. Gotta admit that my lifestyle can get quiet unhealthy sometimes : lack of sleep, constant travel, always eating out and my love for sugar which doesn’t help it… So anything I can do to have a healthy vitamin intake is a big win for me and this has been the perfect solution. You should guys definitely check it out. Let me know if you’d like to see articles like these about food and health more often! I love talking about it :)

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