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China doll

I know what you might think… There she goes again. Yes, Miranda is back and like never before. I have such a vicious pleasure at re-inventing myself and I have to say that the Alter Ego article Cibelle and I shot a little while ago absolutely opened a new creative door in my mind. Channeling all these different characters made me want to go a little deeper in the concepts and “get to know” these girls a bit better. Therefore, I went as far as actually wearing the wings in real life such as to go out in coffee shops, bars and even at night while dancing with my friends. Eventually, I had noticed that being a black head made a completely different side of my personality come out. I wasn’t being as silly and bubbly as I usually am, I became more observant, quite and gentle.

It’s fascinating how our hair can impact our personality so much and actually affect our behavior. It is the very projection that we have of ourselves and how we adapt to it in order for both to fit each other. In this case, being bubble and smiley wasn’t exactly how I’d imagine Miranda to be. I see her as a very creative, mysterious girl with a lot on her mind… Who enjoys taking a step back in a conversation to listen to what everybody says instead of taking part in it. She wanders around by herself, embracing the things she sees and hears and is able to perceive beauty and a somewhat poetic magic in every single little object surrounding her.

On another hand, I remember this one time when I wore this wig out to party with my friends in Paris and how I would stare into people eyes all of sudden, thing I would usually never do. I surprised myself holding the eye contact for a crazy amount of time while I’d usually get shy or silly while doing so… My movements became slower, almost more gracious and feline. I wanted to take risks, go in the darkest club possible and listen to underground music. I have to say, secretly I am dreaming of dying my hair black and going for a major change. But oh dear, that’ll take a lot of courage to do. And this is why trying on wigs is such a fun thing, it allows you this feeling of re-nouveau but you can still feel the same underneath it all.

As you might know, one of my all time favorite brands is Kenzo. I wear their pieces all the time and simply can’t get over it. I love the bold, rich colors, the crazy structures, the incredible materials and above all all the amazing concepts the talented duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim come up with each season. As their team and ours were going through ideas, I knew that we had to do something extraordinary. And so, I wanted for one of the Alter Ego girls to come out and explore the world. So this time we are drowning in New York, Chinatown in all of it’s deranging yet fascinating beauty. I am here wearing the stunning Kenzo FW15 collection with this dress and it’s accessory that are absolutely to die for. Enjoy!

Total look Kenzo


Bike Bag


Shot by Cibelle Levi

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