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Viva roma


Ciao people! Have been loving reading all of your great feedback on yesterday’s post. So glad to see each time that so many of you actually do read the posts, it makes me so happy. I’ve been watching lately so many fashion documentaries, interviews, movies and have been feeling so tremendously inspired. New questions keep popping in my head as much as new ideas. My vision of style is forever evolving and keeping a curious mind and heart are at the very root of this creative pursuit. I can’t believe it is already November and thus, almost the end of the year. Although we’re not there yet, I have to say, I’m still pinching myself looking back at everything that has happened… Truly so much. This year’s recap is going to be ma-jor guys. And there’s still quite a lot to come before properly wrapping it up. So watch out.

I am currently in London as I was invited to attend for the very first time the British Fashion Awards. It was such an honor as I heard so many of my biggest icons speak and share some of their wisdom. Each word they said just completely filled up the room and resonated in all of us. It was truly, deeply, magical. Prior to that, Cibelle and I have spend a few absolutely extraordinary days in Rome with one of my favorite high jewelry brands. Can you guess? Yes, we are talking about Bvlgari. Just think about it, Rome, the extravaganza, the colors, the monuments, the architecture, the food, the people! Oh Italy. Sweet, sweet Italy… What a heaven on earth.

It’s been more than a year since I’ve last been in the city of Roman history and Jules Cesar… Needless to say, it was just as breathtaking as it was in my memories. The reason why we were in town was to explore the very DNA of Bvlgari and witness through our own eyes how much the city has been the major, if not the ultimate influence for each and every one of their collections. We were taken on a journey by their team throughout the city, stopping at 5 key places in order to breath in the Roman magic and spot the architectural references in the jewelry itself. The Spanish steps, the baths of Caracalla, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and finally the Borghese Gallery. It’s been so interesting to listen to all these enchanting stories and feel this rich world embody us as we were walking though these iconic streets.

Of course wearing the jewelry itself has been such a treat. Each details is so perfect and the combination of the colors, the stones, the unbelievable craftsmanship, all participate to create a jewel that’s bold and modern. It is easy to recognize a Bvlgari jewel amongst thousands and just like it’s hometown, Rome, it’s quite hard to forget it. There is just something about it, that touches you and leaves your speechless for a while. A certain mystery, an enchanted glow, a shine that’s unique and different. I hope you all will enjoy this story we created throughout this special day spent with them. And if you want to drown in this world just like we did, you are being given the chance to experience an interactive visit of Rome on Bvlgari’s website through their newest “Roman Treasures” online journey. You can visit the 5 key places from the confort of your own home and see exactly where each inspiration for each jewel comes from. It is truly worth your while. Don’t miss a bit of it! x





PANTS : Topshop

BOOTS : Kenzo

Photography by Cibelle Levi

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