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Geneva looks so gorgeous in the evening.. The colours get all soft and warm, and as you are walking by the cozy restaurants, you can smell the aromat of spices and meat and admire the vue. I guess I get all romantic in spring time, but it is lovely to finally watch the days last longer and the sun set down at eight o’clock instead of five. It’s also so great to be able to enjoy walking in the streets with no coat on and feeling the fresh breeze. I love spring. So here are some picture we made yesterday with james. I really enjoyed the pink details of this outfit, the lipstick fits really well the chanel purse. I’m wearing my favourite trousers (actually so sad because I broke it’s zip…) and some new nude heels I am so excited about.

Shirt/Trousers/Shoes : Zara
Purse : Chanel
Lipstick : M.A.C “saint-germain”
Nailpolish : Chanel Paradoxal

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