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The day after today, before tomorrow, between tuesday and wednesday.

Mid-lenght skirt yay! Aren’t you all guys tired of those mini skirt.. We need some fresh air here please. Mini skirts are symbol of yough let’s say, but why can’t we wear longer ones? I’ve tried with this one from mango, and it’s very nice. It gives some punch to the look : kind of a feel back to the 50’s were showing leg’s was to hot to damn sexy forbidden. Just to add a bit of structure I added a leather ginger belt. The black fits well every colour, but I’ve chosen to wear a  nude body and also some black transparent tights to make a contrast.

Body : can’t remember where i got it. ( guess you can find a good one at american apparel)
Skirt : Mango
Shoes : Bally
Belt : zara
Bracelet : Made of my own
Bag : Lv

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