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No longing for the sun

With all those hacking stuff, I’ve spend most of my week-end dealing with my accounts and computers. Seriously, I am soo amazed ( in a bad way) of some people who’s life resume on messing up with other people’s life. I mean it’s a total loss of time. I think even if someone explains to me, I won’t understand such stupidity. 
Anyway, enough is enough and I am quiet tired speaking about it. I have spend my friday in Zurich, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed some familly time and some sushi take-away. Saturday and sunday I felt like staying home and taking some nice resting time. Enjoying my couch and watching some cool movie with james while eating blueberries and spinach tortellinis. It was really nice, it feels always so good to stay a bit at home and feel the calm and cozy atmosphere.

We did those pictures thursday, it was such a hot day and I though that taking my long black summer H&M dress was a good idea. This season I really enjoy those long dresses, at the beach or in town they always are original and make other’s head turn. I would really like to have a cream or stripy one. I’ll be looking up carefully. The accessories from this outfit are the same as sain-germain outfit actually,  it is just that this purse fits so well with that pinkish M.A.C lipstick that I can’t resist pairing them both together.
Enjoy your monday morning folks :)

DRESS : H&M / PURSE : Chanel / SHOES : Bally / LIPSTICK : M.A.C Saint-germain /

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