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Summer bikini and beauty preview

I just can’t stop thinking about holidays, straw hats and strawberry lipgloss with tons of vitamin water by the pool. I can’t stop, I can’t wait :). I am so excited that yesterday, instead of working on my last exams , I took out of my closet all of my bikinis and summer beauty products just to vizualise my future summer beach bag.

The result? Tons of “Vitamin A” bikinis which look so great ( it’s not always easy to put them on, they have quiet of a complicated design but are flawless once wore), some victoria’s secret scrub to have gorgeous skin and some hawaiian tropic oils. I really like H&M’s bikinis, they are so colorfull and have a really flattering cut. Lip glosses are my must in summer, it looks so fresh and juicy and protects your lips from the sun. I choose the lancome’s juicy tubes, they have a great flavour and also have a long lasting shine. The only inconvenience is the sticky feeling you get while wearing it. Also, clarins bronzer is recommended for me at the beginning of summer : my skin is way too pale without. And finally some body shop’s vanilla mist to refresh.

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