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Cream head-band and tea

TEA TIMEGood evening folks, I had fun today making my own head-band with some textil I found lost in the deepness of my room. Well turns out pretty well, I really like the final resullt with the hot red lipstick and the peach Isabel Lu bustier that gives this totally retro pin-up vibe. The bustier is actually way too big for me, but the color and it’s structure make me forgot it’s wrong size and I still want to wear it even if I totally float in it. Guess it’s the result of a good clothing piece, one that you want to wear because it looks too good even if you don’t fit it. 

How did I do the head-band? Nothing more easier : I have cut a piece of cream textile and tied it around my head. Done. Easy as hell and I think that hats, head-bands and other head accessories can add so much to an outfit. I have seen head-bands and turbans all over the web and in a lot of fashion editorials, it looks really great and is also a great way to bring some touch of originality to your look. Now time to make your own.

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