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Many of you have requested a post where I speak about hair products I use. The most frequent question you ask me is : do I color my hair? Well the answer is no, I have never colored my hair but used products that made my hair look a bit lighter. Also my hair gets very blonde ( almost white actually ) in summer. I am a natural dark blonde ( as you can see it on my eye brows, sometimes I line them with a darker brow pencil, but they are very blonde). A few years ago I bought a Garnier blonde spray, it was an after shampoo spray that contained some peroxide susbtance that lightens already blonde hair. So basically if you are a brunette, you can’t really try this product because your shade will turn orange. I almost never cut my hair, I hate going to salons because I never get the result I want : so I do it myself. I wash my hair everyday and apply some care products, I love masks and my favourite hair care brand is Elseve, it isn’t expensive at all and gives a great result.

P.S : The korean VOGUE GIRL has just arrived today in my mail box, I was so excited when I oppened it. It is my first parution as a blogger, it’s a very small section but am so glad :)

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