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Quick beauty update

 MIMOSAYellow has always been a gorgeous color for summer, when I discovered that chanel’s next beauty collection was based on pinks and yellows I got really excited to see the result. I have always loved original colors for nail polishes, I mostly enjoy wearing blue and turquoise shades on my nails, but also orange and coral tones. Now I will try this bright daisy yellow called ” MIMOSA”, and I must say that I really like the result. It even suits perfectly the everyday clothing.

I have also felt for the new volupté sheer candy lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent. It is a wonderfull gelly textured pink stick ( I bought the number 4) perfect for a fresh summer make-up. And the design of it is trully amazing.

Nail Polish : Chanel ”Mimosa”  / Lip Stick : Yves Saint Laurent ” Volupté Sheer Candy n° 4”

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