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Red dress and round glasses

BACK HOMEI was so happy to return home and see all my family, friends and James. Even though my week in Zermatt was marvelous I have missed all my folks and could’t wait no longer to see them all. Also back in Lausanne, my little streets I know so well. Feels good.

The other day I received a package from FABISHOES.IT, such an amazing gift. The packaging is gorgeous, with a dark blue pearl box and a satin dark blue bag, the fabi shoes look like a little treasure I couln’d wait to wear. You guys absolutely have to check their online store, they are an Italian brand and their shoes are pure jewels. Here I am wearing some peep toe high heels made of soft silk, so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Also just got this red dress from which is also a great online web-sotre that sale incredibly beautiful garments.

DRESS  : / SHOES : / GLASSES : Vintage / BELT : H&M 

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