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Evening walk in paros streets

GREECE AT NIGHTIt was almost 10pm when we decided to go for dinner, in Switzerland it would have been almost impossible since the schedule for dinner is way earlier. It was strange to walk through crowded streets and opened shops so late, strange but really exciting : the day wasn’t over. I enjoyed discovering little local shops with hand-made jewerly and even found a gorgeous butterfly ring with little pearl stones, also found some really cool flashy beach sandals.

After walking for a few hours, James and I were really hungry and we wanted to find a little restaurant with good traditional food to taste how greek food was. We discovered a very popular place in Paros, very small but because of the excellent food that were made there we had to wait for almost 20 minutes to get a table, and there were only five of them. There were two cooks, an old man with his wife, they knew how to cook better than anyone,we ate Moussakas and Zuchinis and so on, we really enjoyed our meals.

CLUTCH : / DRESS : Zara ( last summer) / BLAZER : Zara

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