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Travel make-up picks

BEAUTY ON THE ROADToday I was thinking about what I am going to take with me on my trip to Greece. Taking tons of make-up, clothes and shoes has never been I good idea for me, so I try to organise as best as I can my travel bag and take only the most important things and also the products I will use for sure. Because of course when you are packing, you think : ” I am sure I will need that” or ”I should probaly take this just in case” well it is not a good idea.. At the end you will find yourself with a make-up bag heavier than an elephant.

Daily I do not use tons of make-up, I have my daily routine with brown eye shadow and black eyeliner, and it is actually the only make-up I can do. So basically I take with me some products for skin such as powder and foundation. Then some brown eye shadow palettes, some mascara and eye liner, one lipsitck and one lipgloss. If I have the opportunity, I also prefere taking with me some free sample mascara or reduced size foundation.

LIPGLOSS : Chanel ”Wild Rose”
LIP STICK : Yves Saint Laurent ”Volupté Sheer Candy”

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