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 ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS MAGAZINE FEATURETo those who haven’t seen the article from Absolutly Fabulous magazine in the press section, I simply wanted to show you this colorfull outfit just because I enjoy it so much. Even though these pictures were made a while ago exclusively for the feature, I still love those flashy orange shades combines with black and whites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. People tend to wear so much basic colours such as beige, blacks and browns : I am the first concerned actually. But I think some poping colour can bring so much to an outfit, and it is important to try out sometimes.

Anyway : I am back in school, completely and entirely dedicated to work now. It is a bit sad to sit in a melting class room when sun is burning outside. And always keep thinking about the pool and the beach but still, I am fully loaded of energy and motivation to start the year with good mood. 

SHIRT : Zara
SKIRT : Zara
TIGHTS : Falke
SHOES : Zara 
BAG : Louis Vuitton

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