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QUICK UPDATEI am planning on spending a relaxing week-end with good food, good movies and James, sometimes there is no need for more. I have just received some packages with great clothes that I am looking forward to use in my next posts, can’t wait. I must admit that week-ends have always inspired me a lot, I try to stay away from the computer as much as I can since I tended to be a huge nerd those past few months, that way I look even more around me and once the week-end is over my head is full of new ideas. 

It is getting a bit cold, it looks like fall is slowly approaching and it even if I am so excited to start a new season with jackets, trouser and scarfs, I sure will miss the sun  ( that I haven’t seen much a part from Greece that’s for sure). About the outfit now, I think that nothing looks best that some red lipstick with a Marinière. I have always concidered lipstick as the best accessory and quite ignored the jewerly part, but yet I bought, created and received some beautiful pieces : those are from and I love their chic but at the time rock items, it fits perfectly the clutch from B-low the Belt.

CLUTCH : B-low the Belt

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