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Heavy metal lover

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF GLITTER ALLEY Yes coming back to school is turning from champagne to coffee, but of course it is life and school is necessary also highly important for me. Modelling universe is so quick and unsecure, comes and goes all the time : but a good certificate, you keep it in your pocket. Therefore school is now my priority, getting my grades to finish this last year of high school is my next goal on the list and after being one week under pressure I feel ready to acomplish anything.

So here is my outfit, very casual and perfect for a day in school however highlighted with some black stilettos and an unbelivable pair of silver metal jeans bought at Zara, I am must say that I am trully crazy about them. The cross shirt was so kindly offered to me by ” IN TEES WE TRUST” ( check their facebook page right here CLICK) and I thank them a lot, we never have enough shirts. And the last but not least detail of this outfit that is worth noticing : the metal nails that play with the whole silver theme. Definitly a must try nail concept.

JEANS : Zara
SHOES : Vogele shoes

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