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DEAD LEAVES Don’t think it is hot enough in Switzerland to wear simply a dress and some tights to go out,  no actually I am a crazy person who can’t get used to cold and tries to protest against it by wearing not appropriate garments. Therefore I must admit that I was totally freezing the whole day, but felt better when I said to myself that this amazing dress is worth showing and I absolutely can’t hide it with a winter jacket.

Still on holidays and still enjoying those, today I am planning on spending the day at the spa, go to the sauna ( just in case, even if I don’t wear vests I still like to warm up) or even a little massage. This friday is my birthday, perhaps i will seek for a cool outfit in town for this special occasion. Oh and just noticed the bad quality of the pictures, my mom and I shot these pictures in a rush before dinner. Wishing a good monday to everybody!

DRESS : Zara
SHOES : Morgan
BAG : Old Louis Vuitton
JEWERLY : Parfois

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