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Neon lime

L’AUTOMNEIt is sad to see the sun setting down at seven o’clock in the evenig while during summer you can see the day light until nine. And is also a bit sad to wake up in the morning and feel like it is night : the only wish is to rush back into the sweet sheets of your cozy bed. But however, fall is comfortably installed in Switzerland and we should better get used to it. Let’s not complain too much either, this season must be one of the best for fashion, all those accessories and combinations of scarfs, tights and jackets make totally my head go round.

I definetly felt in love with the neon trend since I know it, meaning that I have always been a flashy colour addict. When I saw this Motelrocks dress on, I had to try it. I paired it with a fur inspired jacket ( but it is no fur, it is textile : how great is that) from, I love it’s texture and since I got I can’t get enough : I always had it with me because it trully keeps warm. Also one jewerly piece I have made, the bracelet with the stone and glitter flower add a special touch to the whole look. Enjoy your monday!

SHOES : Vogele
BRACELETS : Thomas Sabot – Personal Design

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