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Pictures by JAMES VYN

 SOUVENIRS AND MUCH MOREHere are some more pictures from our trip to Tokyo. As I told you guys I have so many things that I want to share with you that I actually don’t know where I should start. Here it is more about the places I have seen, the food we have tasted, the things we saw at all those amazing shops that we visited during the FNO day. For sure tons of great memories to remember, and it is actually so fun going through all those photos : it reminds me of the great athmosphere during these couple of days in Asia. I have to admit that I am a bit ashamed because we haven’t tasted enough japanese food while our stay. The reason is simple, our trip was so short, and the day of our arrival we couldn’t even go out because of jet lag so we slept the whole day. During FNO we were in a rush, had so many places to visit and didn’t have time to sit and take time to eat ( I won’t even tell you that because of our lack of time and big hunger we went to a german restaurant… don’t throw things at me please). However the last day of course it was the final occasion to try out a huge asian meal so we went to a restaurant called ”Chen” where we savoured noodles, dumplings and duck.

There were many things I wished we could have had time to do, visit temples and museums for example. See the traditional and cultural part of Japan. Of course Harajaku was an incredible place, but we only saw the modern and very actif side of Tokyo. Therefore I cross fingers to come back one day for a week at least and discover new things. Meeting other bloggers in this city was also very interesting, it was a great occasion to get to know each other. So for the last night, we went out with Carolina and Chiara at the karaoke, which was so much fun. I hope you will enjoy this goodies post, and that it will make you want to visit this amazing city.

The necklace we received for being a part of the guests. How pretty are those two little magnetic cups?
Our personal Audi car that drove us around Tokyo for the whole day.
At the Roberto Cavalli shop trying out an amazing scarf.

The crowd during the FNO day

The gorgeous sunglasses at the Emporio Armani shop.
Couldn’t resist at those Michael Kors goodies!
All those bags at the Louis Vuitton shop, a real heaven.

Staring at some shoes at the Dior shop.

Loved how usefull this little Olympus camera was, perfect to take with while travelling.

At the Reed Krakoff shop, taking shots of their great accessories.
The unbelieveable Chloé tree on the top of the mall ”La Foret” in the Harajaku center.

Armani for Japan bag

Anna Wintour at the opening party of Vogue Fashion Night Out
Little appetizers at the Costume National shop.

James had a japanese breakfast, how cool are those little plates…

… I am even quiet ashamed to show you my own breakfast : a basic french one made of croissants and fruits. What a pitty, I should have tasted morning sushis!
Little pastries at the supermarket, kawaii isn’t it?

Delicious fruits to start the day.

It was so much fun watching Japanese chanels, it made me laugh so bad, especially this shot!

A little snack during our shopping session in Omotesando hills, at a café called ”Peltier”.
Tokyo’s style is so crazy, I loved their bright jewerly : it is so extravagant.

Hey little Budha

I looved this clover chocolate cake, it is such an original idea.
James trying to drink his tea like a japanese gentleman
Karaoke night with Carolina and Chiara, we must have sang the spice girls for at least 4 times.

And of course Charlie Junior was a part of the trip.

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