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Pictures by JAMES VYN

VOGUE’S FASHION NIGHT OUT I have just arrived back home from a crazy trip to Japan for the big event organized by Vogue called ”Fashion night out”. It has been for sure an incredible experience. Not only I didn’t have time to make posts during my stay there because of all the things to do and all the things to see, and also the lack of wi-fi… But this post has an impressif amount of pictures and I guess it is even nicer to look at the pictures afterwards.

You might recognize a few faces, I did met a lot of interesting people during this short trip. Not only a lot of bloggers who are also a part of the Ultrablogger project but also fashion editors, and designers. I have spent the day with James running through one shop to another. For the occasion I picked out a Dolce and Gabbana inspired dress by Agatha Garcia ( and my new Louis Vuitton pumps, that are really comfortable and were perfect for a whole day in high heels. Enjoy the pictures, there are even more coming up!

SHOES : Louis Vuitton
BAG : Romwe

With Roberto Cavalli, what an honour to have met him.
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