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Blue bag

Pictures by JAMES VYN

OUT IN TOWNIf you have a bad hair day, nothing’s better than a chignon. If you have a bad mood day, then nothing’s better than a hot pumpkin soup (especially in winter). I had on saturday a very unfortunate hair day, you know the kind that makes you want to put a huge brown bag on your head and make two little holes for the eyes. But I did find my little solution, the wonder chignon. Usually, during the winter period, it rains, the make-up goes off and the hair gets flat : it’s a time to find some trick and tips to look as good as possible no matter the weather. And speaking of my mood, I was actually not in a bad mood day at all but was in fact so excited to go out in town for some christmas shopping with James. I just love Geneva during winter time, it gets so festif and colourfull. So after having a little soup in a cozy restaurant, we went out to buy some little gifts that I am excited to show you in my next goodies post. Then after hours of hanging around in the various shops trying to find the prefect cream or the perfect candle, we decided to look up for a nice place to have dinner. It took us hours to find a spot on which James and I both agreed, but because we walked miles we found out that there was a huge local celebration, people were drinking hot wine and tons of little lights were sparkling in the trees.

So for the outfit I wanted to stay casual ( yeah, that is actually being casual for me hehe) so I paired my favourite silver pants from Zara to a very basic white silk shirt. A huge faux-fur coat from Motelrocks, that is acually so incredibly warm, matched to my new FABI shoes. These are some little christmas baubles. Having so many glitters at the feet is quiet… amazing. I had the feeling of dazzling with each step I took! You should check the fabi brand here, it is worth it! Finally the main detail of this outfit is of course this blue bag that I got thanks to It is a lot inspired by the Celine luggage bag. I love it’s bright blue colour and paired to black and silver, it seems like a good match.

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