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After tea-time

Pictures byJAMES VYN

STILL IN MONTREUXYou know guys, I am dying to show you the pictures from Dubai, but I thought one thing : how nice would it be to post them once I am back home. The reason? Well first of all 1) I still got this look that I wanted to show you, and 2) how nice is it to go through the pictures of your holidays once you are back home, all those cool memories that come back in mind. Anyway, you won’t have to wait long, tomorrow I am getting up very early ( way too early)  to catch my flight back to Geneva, and as soon as I am my room a brand new Dubai post will be online. Seriously, it has been such a crazy week that I am excited like a little kid to share with you the experinces I lived during these few days.
Also, I just wanted to say welcome in 2012! I hope you celebrated good enough New Year and wish you only the best for these upcoming months. How did you spent your 1st of January, have you made any good resolutions?

Now about the look, back to Switzerland ( even if I don’t really want to, but the outfit is worth it). You know I have always been the skinny pants type, but when I got more interested in fashion I liked to experience new things, new shapes, new styles. I remember my post called “Wide Camel” with the large Isabel Lu pants, it was the first time I wore something like that. But you know what, it felt great and I thought that wearing always the same models was quite sad. So when I saw those pants, I fell in love. Their shape, the material and colour is amazing, and believe it or not but it is also from Zara.  You have seen me wearing this look in the post called ” Tea-time after Christmas“, well here are he pictures James and I shot when we got out after the drinks and cookies.
See you tomorrow!

PANTS : Zara
BAG :: Chanel
COAT : Zara
JEWERLY : Parfois and
LIPSTICK : M.A.C “Vegas Volt”

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