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Atlantis – lunch in nobu

 DUBAI PART IIWhen you are about to have lunch in Nobu, it is bettter to skip breakfast on the morning ( and perhaps dinner afterwards). When you have lunch in Nobu, it is also better to forget about any kind of reasonable restriction, because you are going to taste the best asian food ever. Luckily our firend knew all the good plans, and it seems that Nubu is quite an expensive restaurant but she knew that every friday they had what they call ”high brunch”. I was wondering at first why it was called this way, well now I know. Just take a look at the menu, you don’t have to choose between those dishes, they bring them all on your table and you can taste everything. We went there in big group therefore each time they brought us tons of dishes to taste that we shared all together. I loved this idea of brunch, and I must say the the food’s quality was like nowhere else. My favourite courses were the black cod, the shrip tempura and the beef flambé. I mean you start eating you simply can’t stop. Finally the desert was also something, it was a little pink bean dough pastry with strawberry icecream inside. And oh my god the bicuits, they were hot and melted in the mouth. If you guys have the chance to go for a friday lunch there try it, it is worth it.

The restaurant was in the gorgeous and unbelievable hotel ”Atlantis, the palm”. After our heavy lunch we deiced to make a little ( which turned out in a big) visit of the place. It seems like almost all of the best restaurants in Dubai are there, and guess what, there is also a small shopping center in the hotel. Serously, how crazy is that. We went to Tiffany’s and admired the gigantic aquarium in the main hall.
Because in the hotel the air conditioner was so cold, I decided to wear some pants and a shor with long sleeves, believe me I wasn’t the only one. So basically it was freezing inside ( well I’m juste a little exagerating) and melting outside. Also I wanted to wear for the first time the bag I received from which is inspired by the last collection of Céline’s ”Trapèze bag”.

BAG  :
LIPSTICK : ”Girl about town” M.A.C 

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