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Bright pink

A LITTLE UNUSUALDid you know that I never,ever wear pink ( I am talking about clothes, you know how much I love bright pink lips)? You know, the kind of very bright and girly one. As you might know one of my fashion-passion is to  mix and match various colours, the colour block trend, by the way, has always been my favourite. So why never trying out pink? I have always thought that a girl with blonde hair shouldn’t wear this shade. Why? Well simply because of the too obvious connotation with  Barbie. Perhaps to some of you this may sound like something not important at all, but I have always disliked the over-girly looks that have absolutely nothing subtle. Looking like a doll, isn’t that a little bit sad? Well for me wearing it was the easiest thing to look like one (especially because I already have a sort of a doll face) so pink : bye bye!

I found it quite sad to avoid a colour like that, so I decided to take up the challenge and to wear pink in casual and stylish way. When I saw those pants in Zara, they directly popped into my eyes. So, I wanted to pair them with very neutral shades, mainly black and white. That way the pink really stands out. I combined to the whole look a little Chanel vintage bag, just to add some elegance and casual chic to the look. Plus, a little bit of pink lipstick from YSL. What do you think? Is pink in or out?

By the way guys, I am finally on twitter! Can’t believe I’ve waited so long to make an account. Check out my profile and see you soon!

BAG : Chanel ( Vintage)
Ankle boots : Mango
JEWERLY : Parfois
LIPSTICK : YSL rouge pur 135 ( it is not on the market anymore, it was a special summer edidtion)

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