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Kayture’s 1st birthday

Pictures by JAMES VYN

IT HAS BEEN ONE YEARI simply can’t believe that it has been one year since I first started Kayture. It all began when I met James and that he introduced me to the online world. I have always needed to share my passions, and it wasn’t always the easiest thing to do in Switzerland. But discovering all those amazing communities such as lookbook, twitter, blogger has really opened my eyes on a new world that goes even further than the virtual domain. Because of my blog, I have met so many friends, done so much interesting collaborations, travelled, received some gorgeous gifts and most of all shared a part of my life with you and got a huge response, which I am everyday so grateful for.

2011 has been a year full of discoveries; I took part in the Miss Switzerland contest, have cat walked in a bikini in front of a gigantic crowd, won the Miss photogenic title, have learned so much. Losing isn’t the most important: I had this chance to take part in this competition and I enjoyed it at 100 percent and always stayed who I really am, in front or behind the camera. I travelled in Madrid for a shooting with fashion salade, to Greece with James and our friends. We were invited by Armand Ventilo to meet him in his showroom in Paris, then to Tokyo for the Vogue’s fashion night out where we had the extraordinary opportunity to meet so many interesting people. My favourite magazines contacted me to write an article about Kayture: Teen Vogue, Elle girl, Comopolitain Russia and much more. James and I were invited to amazing events; the Grieder’s opening in Zurich, the Diesel event in Geneva, Louis Vuitton party in Lausanne. I have met incredibly talented people, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Anna Dello Russo, Bryan Boy, James Blunt that inspire me everyday with what I do.

I couldn’t say anything else that will have more sense than: THANK YOU. For your support, for your messages, your loyalty, your kindness and even your critics. Thank you for being here, for your support. You helped me realize that blogging is more than just showing off clothes, purses and bags. No, it is more than that. It is all about sharing with people your passion whatever it is: food or decoration. Following a blog means discovering new things, travelling the world with the blogger that you follow. Kayture is the window to my life, and I feel like each day, since one year you have been fully a part of it.

Enjoy those couple of pictures, and tonight don’t forget to check out my special post with the amazing pictures you have send me. You are the best!

Un petit mot en français :
Je ne saurais vous dire à quelle point je suis reconnaissante et heureuse en ce moment, à l’instant même ou j’écris ces lignes. Merci pour votre soutient, le courage et la motivation que vous me donnez tous les jours. J’espère que 2012 sera l’année de Kayture et que j’aurais encore plus de chose à vous faire découvrir et à partager. Merci, merci, merci.

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