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My dressing

SHOES, BAGS AND MUCH MORE Last week I have done a little interview for a Swiss channel called “La tele”. It was such a great experience, and the subject was… my closet! So basically you can discover here my little and humble collection of jewerly, shoes, dresses and so on. I hope you enjoy it. This interview is in french but you can find in this post a little text that explain what I say in the video. Enjoy!

P.S : To watch the video of my dressing, you have to put your mouse on the video then click on the link where you see a little picture of me, it is easier if you just want to see my part and not the whole program.

” For me fashion is a game, and what I like the most about it is that the rules change everyday. New materials, new colours or textures. I love elegance, and always had a very feminin style even sexy sometimes. I love beautiful pieces.
Heels are my passion, on my blog you can see me wear high heels all the time, actually I do wear high heels in my daily life aswell, actually I feel uncomfortable with flat shoes. I love playing with contrasts, therefore flashy shoes with original patterns are my favourite ones. I especially enjoy platforms and glossy materials. It is very interesting playing with neutral shades combined to flashy ones, therefore I have neon green bags, orange ones that I love matching to basic outfits. My biggest passion right now is actually orange, I am crazy about this colour.”

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