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Chelsea market

Pictures by JAMES VYN

THE BIG APPLE ( COOKIE)The chelsea market is the best spot in New York to enjoy a lunch in a vintage and so edgy athmosphere. After reading so much about it on twitter, we decided to take a look at the place and I can tell you : the Chelsea Market is like all the best of New York, all in one. There are so many bakeries, cookies shop and cupcakes stands. My eyes litteraly popped out. I wanted to taste it all. Since it was fashion week a lot of models were hanging around there. I especially noticed one of them with a bag full of apples and carrots, I wanted to rush to her and say : girl, you have to try out the cookies from Eleni’s, forget your apples for one second! But maybe that’s just me, when I see those little delights I kind of get crazy ( sugar rush, you know what I mean). 
It was lunch time, James and I went to a very cozy restaurant that offered organic dishes. I picked out the Croque Madame and James had of course the hamburger. The food was delicious and gave us enough energy to make it through all the shops. The weather that day was simply amazing. So many people told me before my departure that the weather in New York is dreadfull, well turns out : it is not. It was so sunny, fresh and cool that I kind of forgot about the cold Swiss temperature for just one second.

SHIRT : Versace for H&M
PANTS : Forever 21
BAG : Vintage Louis Vuitton
COAT : Dolce and Gabbana
RING : Aldo
WATCH : Michael Kors

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