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Resting, blogging

Pictures by JAMES VYN

EXOTIC CREATURESTomorrow is an exciting day, we are leaving in a couple of hours to New York city and I must admit that I am extremely excited. First of all because it has been years since my last trip to the US. Plus, I can wait to assist to all the fun event regarding the fashion week. As you might have noticed in my last post, I have been very tired lately ( too tired actually… my brain stopped working for a while) and I really wanted to say sorry for my lack of posts. I truly needed to take some time away from the computer and rest even though I must say that I missed the blog each day. I do feel better now, but not good enough yet so I really hope that this trip will reload my batteries. I have spend a couple of hours yesterday by James’s place which is full of little animals. After checking a bit my blog, I played with his strangly creepy but still so adorable gecko, can’t remember his name but I think Karl fits him quiet well. I am going to bed, early flight tomorrow morning!

P.S : The dress is from

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