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Times square

Pictures by JAMES VYN

JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OFNew York has been for sure an incredible destination, it is so different from Switzerland: not only by its atmosphere but also by it’s food, life habits or even by the people’s character and manners. Each time I entered a shop I always received tons of complements, and it felt so unusual to be asked all the time “how are you?”. These are little things, but they all felt so uncommon to me, and you know what? I kind of liked changing a bit of air. Even if I don’t really now if the girls at Bergdorf Goodman were honest with all their nice compliments, it is always nice to have such friendly people around you. I am not saying in fact that swiss people are arrogant, no. Just that it is really different in Europe, especially in shops where they prefer to entertain with their client a more business to business approach.

Times Square is like the beating heart of New York City. Broadway, Hard Rock Cafe, all those flashing gigantic adds, the cabs, the shops.. It was such a great feeling to be standing in the middle of all this. Of course I couldn’t resist all the shops : sephora here I come ( I think I kind of killed James that day… He’ll never enter a make-up shop with me anymore I think). We also went to the famous m&ms shop and picked up some pastel coloured candies. I got so excited but the lavender ones, they looked great and I simply wanted to eat them ALL. For the day I decided to wear a faux-fur coat from Motelrocks with some yellow jeans and my beloved chanel tote. Also watch out : I have made 12 hours of intense New York shopping in high heels, I can win a price for that ( for those who saw me at the urban outfitters dying, laying on the stairs well, yeah.. No comment.)

COAT : Motelrocks
SHOES : Mango
JEANS : Windsorstore
BAG : Chanel

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