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Victoria’s secret

Pictures by JAMES VYN

SILK AND CREAMSValentine’s day was the perfect occasion to shop for pretty silk pyjama, musc scented creams and body mists. Each time I enter a Victoria’s secret shop my head goes round, and it is like entering a girl’s boudoir full of pink couches and enchanting body treatment bottles. Because there’s no VS in Europe, I always make sure to test all the new products out, smell all the frangances and buy some body lotions to bring back to friends and family (every woman enjoys receiving this type of souvenir present) when I have the chance to be in the States. It is crazy how a shop can create such a vibrant atmosphere. The brand has been so succesfull these past years, I bet the VS art and marketing directors really did well their job. Not only the models of the brand look gorgeous and are looking at you like saying “smell the frangance, buy the frangance”, but the packaging is also amazing. However, I kind of learned to resist to all those temptations ( after a couple of years of practice of course, it stays hard to resist on the 3 for 25 dollar thing). I came that day to buy a bathing robe, since I really wanted to find a pretty one, and get some body milks for my friends. And guess what, no big deal. I’ve bought only the things I needed. Yep, I get reasonable, or at least I try to which is a good thing aswell. I guess I grew up to endlessily fall for all those pink stuff, I mean do we really need all that? However, sometimes, it feels so nice to feel really girly, isn’t it?

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