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Pictures by JAMES VYN

 SOUVENIRS These pictures were shot during my trip to NYFW and I don’t know why, I still didn’t get the chance to post them online. It was our first night at the Hudson Hotel. We just arrived and the athmosphere was absolutely great. The deccration aswell was surprising : all the windows were closed : no sunlight for the whole day. Of course it might sound stange said like that, but I can tell you, it gives such an interesting vibe to the place! Actually there is quite a lot of famous bar and restaurants at the Hudson, so if you get the chance to come to NY, don’t forget to have a look.

 We were waiting for the fashiolista girls to arrive, a welcome dinner was planned and James and I were so excited to meet everybody! The food at the Hudson, was great, the concept is very simplec : tons of little dishes, sort of tappas, that you can choose at the bar. Simply delicious. After having a great night with their amazing team, it was time for a good rest. I decided to wear for the occasion a classic white Zara dress, my black Chanel bag and some golden detailing.

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