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WOWIt feels like years since my last goodies post, my god I need to take some time to slow down a little. I’ve beeen running and rushing like a crazy those last months, sometimes it even happend and I poor orange juice instead of milk in my cereals during breakfast, which we all know is a sign of a serious problem ( I am turning nuts!). Now let’s talk of another highly important subject : the weather ( how random, I know). Just wanted to tell you guys to be carefull : this beautfiful weather is a nasty tricky one. Want to know why? Well the sun was shining big this week-end, and of course I ran ouside with my spring clothes thinking ”yay it’s finally here”. Well no, winter’s back and I got a cold. Funny story isn’t it? So even if the sun’s up, I highly advice you to take a jacket with even if it’s super hot outside. Listen to the guru.. Now back to the goodies, in this post you will discover mainly the purchases I’ve made during my trip to NYC. I haven’t bought much, but got only things I really had a big crush on which is, I think,  the best way to shop. Usually I always end up with silly souvenirs, or too much jewerly that I finally don’t even wear. This time I did quite good, only the bare essentials I’ve been craving for a while. Enjoy!

Make-up palette by NYX SS12, gorgeous gift from the fashiolista team that I found in my hotel room!
I’ve always wanted a Michael Kors watch, they are simply amazing. The trip to NY was the perfect occasion to get one.
A little souvenir from the Victoria’s secret, it’s vanilla massage oil. Perfect for a spa day at home.
Two bags that catched my eye : the pink one is Aldo and blue is Vince Camuto. Which one do you prefer?
Sal y Limon bangles I got when I came back home.
Pastel shirts from H&M and Zara.
Big make-up disorder in my vanity after the trip.

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