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Hello yellow

Pictures by JAMES VYN

FIRST DAY IN MONTREUX Montreux must be my favourite place in Switzerland, it is like an escape from the world. James and I decided to spend there our week-end there, enjoy the unbelievable weather and relax before the beginning of school. This place is like our little oasis, a tiny paradise perfectly situated on the lake to have the most beautiful view of Switzerland. Absolutely gorgeous… I fall in love with Montreux over and over again. James and I spent the week-end having walks, talks and the funny part : we essentially cooked! Yes, yes. You didn’t misunderstood. We were staying at his familiy’s place and they have the greatest kitchen, with all you might ever need. It was the perfect occasion to test our cooking skills. An guess what, we did an amazing job. I rarely cook, but this time I did the most delicious crumble ever. We ate homemade fresh hamburgers, and country patatoes, I thought I was going to explode. Here’s what I did this week-end, what about you guys? How did you enjoy it?

Now about the outfit I wore on saturday, it was soo hot outside that I was even quite chocked. I wasn’t used to that kind of weather in Switzerland, especially during the month of March. It was the perfect occasion to wear shorts, tights and my new knitwear top that I love so much . Also, I just got my new Sal Y Limon bracelets, that I am totally crazy about. There are so many various combinations to create, I am addicted. I am looking forward to wear them during summer with a bikini. I found this black, golden detailed necklace during my trip in New York in a forever 21 shop, and absolutely loved it. I matched it to my vintage Louis Vuitton bag and to add a nice detail : a little H&M foulard, which is for sure inspired by le Carré by Hermès.

BAG : Vintage Louis Vuitton
NECKLACE : Forever 21

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