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Pictures by JAMES VYN

 CHILLINGOh yes, I can finally, FINALLY, feel spring on my skin. No joking, it feels way too good. And so, I can therefore stop dreaming about wearing dresses and skirts aswell, because I don’t need to anymore, my dreams have become true and now I can wear it all. What a great and fabulous feeling. Actually this type of weather makes me want to dance, listen to music with friends and make walks hands in hands with James. A lot of you have been asking me what music have I been listening to lately, well I ‘ve got quite a lot of crushes that I’d love to share with you. First all, of course Lana del Rey, the sounds is so unique, so sexy and dramatic. My favourite one is summertime sadness, which I really suggest you to listen. I love listening to it in the evening with my window opened while getting done to go out. Next, I have been crazy over Madonna for quite a while now, and her new song featuring M.I.A and Nicki Minaj is stuck in my head and won’t let go. Perfect for parties, if you need a perk-me-up song, you got your hit. Marina and the diamonds is another artist that I redicovered a few days ago, I already knew her single I am not a robot, but yet primadonna girl is a fabulous song for spring parties. Last but not least, foster and the people blow my mind with their catchy songs. What about you guys, any suggestions?

This spring makes me feel all light and fresh, I am in a romantic mood, listening to my catchy music. Well for sure, as you can see it, my passion for pastel tones goes on and I’ve decided this time to try the peach shade and you know what? I am fan. I paired this dress from dress to a cuff necklace I got from Backstage. Finally I wanted to add a brigther touch and decided to pair my fabi orange heels to the whole look. What do you think of the result?

BAG : BCBG Maxazria

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