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What’s in my bag

 WEEK-END POSTI remember when I was browising videos on youtube such as blog aswell, I found a lot of the bloggers making a “what’s in my bag” post and I could’t think : “that it is a great idea”. Womens tend to put a lot ( and I do mean.. A LOT) of things and their bag, and most of it is completely useless. For a long time, I couldn’t wear small bags, because I always needed to put half of my drawers in it. But, for a while now, I’ve learned to organize myself the best I can, therefore my bag is two times smaller and has only things that I am sure to be in need of. 

Let’s start with a little Michael Kors vanity I received at the Michael Kors party in Tokyo during the Vogue’s fashion night out. It is quite small but perfect to put the bare essentials in it. I usually put a carmex lip balm, dior creme de rose gloss, YSL coloured lipstick, Guerlain powder and a small bottle of Dior “J’adore” perfume in it.As you may have understood, I use it only for my small beauty products, that are really usefull fo ra little retouch.

I also try to always keep my agenda with me, I write all my appointments, parties, and important things such as essays or exams. Of course a pen is a usual carry-on. Next thing, my Prada glasses, that I use only to see things that are really far away.  Some Kiehl’s hand cream, I use it each time after washing hands so it keeps my hands moistuirized at all time. Finally my Chanel wallet and blackberry, basic essential. Sometimes, when I have a very busy day, I like to take a little snack with me.  A little cookie, or even a cereal bar are perfect to take with.

What about you, what’s in your bag?         

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