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Yves saint laurent

LIPSTICKS A lot of you are aware of my big obcession for lipsticks, not only I think they add so much to an outfit but I truly consider them as a real fashion accessory. All those infinite colour combination fascinate me, and I am always looking forward to see the new lipstick colours each season. What is more feminin than a tube of lipstick? “Une fille ne peut faire son entrée sans son rouge” said Christian Dior. The lipstick is the final touch to most of my outfits, and I am excited to show you here 3 of my favourite lipsticks, all by Yves Saint Laurent. I love the brand’s lipcolours, there is such a wide range and the packaging is absolutely stunning. Of course I also have other brands such as M.A.C or Dior, however I can’t resist to those gorgeous tubes. I let your discover my top three colours :

14, Orange shiver “Rouge Volupté” is my classic red colour. The fact that it has a light orange tint illuminates the mouth so much and is even more special to me. It’s the perfect red.

107, Impetuous beige “ Rouge Volupté Perle  is an amazing beige shiny colour. It looks great with an intense eye make-up and a lot of bronzer and highlights on the cheek bones. I wear very rarely this type of light colour, I prefer wearing flashy ones, however besides this shade is so elegangt, it is also more wearable in the everyday life.

9, Cool Guava ” Volupté sheer candy”, perfect for summer and spring, the sheer candy has such a light texture. It’s quite like a lipgloss, very shiny and almost transparent. This colour stays on very well, and the fruit flavour is also fabulous. This kind of lipstick is also very nice during the day, it all depends of how many coats you decided to put on.

 FIRST OUTFIT : Dress : Zmilelee/ Ring : Aldo/ Cuff : Topshop/
SECOND : Shirt : bracelet : Juicy Couture
THIRD : Blazer : Zara / Dress : three floor

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