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Caprice tv

Pictures by JAMES VYN

MUSIC FESTIVAL INTERVIEW IN CRANS-MONTANA I still can’t believe that I haven’t showed you guys the rest of the pictures James shot during my experience last week at the Caprices music festival in Crans-Montana, there were actually quite a lot of things going on these past weeks and I have got so many pictures to show you. So, back to the story. I had the pleasure to be invited at the festival with a bunch of popular singers, tv presenters and so on to speak live during the event on the Caprice TV. I must admit that I kind of freaked out when I learned that I was going to have an interview ( each time I have an interview I feel like I’m apllying for a job, you know what I mean…) but it went out quite well afterall and James and I had a lot fun! It’s just stressfull the first couple of minutes and then it’s all good. The organisation was great, the team was adorable and it was so nice to meet all those amazing artists and to be able to talk with them about their job. 

I thought that the weather was going to be very cold, so I decided to dress up quite warm and picked out an a+ro dress and coat from the FW12 collection ( which isn’t in store yet actually) with some black tights. I really wanted to keep it casual, because the most important after the interview was seeing the Gorrilaz performing on stage. Something that allows me to jump and dance was essential. After the Caprice tv, we were offered an amazing VIP dinner, which we really savoured and then went to dance of course. I wish you all a very nice week-end and see you saturday for the Hugo Boss event pictures!

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