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Jewerly collection

SILVER, GOLD AND PEARLS  Among the many post suggestions au guys shared with me in one of my previous post, the jewerly collection was something a lot of you guys wanted to see. So here it is! I wanted to show you how I store everything and of course let you have a look at my  favourite items. I have a special drawer in my room where I stuff it all in. I organized it with multiple boxes, each of different size. One for example is for my favourite pieces, the other one is for jewerly that I wear only on special occasions. I have a lot of various jewerly pieces, from very extravagant ones to more daily and wearable ones. I love buying pieces during my travels, I thinks it’s the best souvenir to bring back home. Therefore I have many various bracelets bought in Greece or in Lisbon, in New York or in Dubai. Usually I enjoy buying affordable pieces, because my tastes change very often, but the quality for sure is not great. However I have there some very special pieces, by Chanel, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture or Swarovski that I enjoy wearing for special occasions or when I am going out during the week-end. I wear very few jewerly pieces when I am studying, just a watch and a bracelet or a nice necklace. That’s all, but during the week-end I adore playing, and adding nice details to my outfits : jewerly is perfect for that. Hope you guys will enjoy this post, have a great week-end!

Golden necklace : Boradaisy / Silver bracelets (from top to bottom) : Forever 21, Personal design, Parfois
Golden rings : Forever 21 and Aldo
Pink bracleet : H&M Silver / Bronze : Forever 21 / Golden : Personal design
Clover : Souvenir from Greece / 8 : Wanderlust
Sal Y Limon
Folli Follie
(From left to right) Wanderlust, Forever 21, Aldo
Clover collection (from bottom): Folli Follie, Souvenir form Greece, Swarovski, Swarovski
 ( from flet to right, top to bottom) Zara Taylor, Crea-tiff, Parfois, Crea-tiff, Aldo, souvenir form Greece, Forever 21

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