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Lingerie show

Pictures by JAMES VYN

 AUBADE, SIMONE PERELE, IMPLICITE It was such a big pleasure for me to be invited a couple of days ago in Lausanne to assist to presentation of the new collections of a couple of various lingerie brands such as Simone Pérèle, Implicite and Aubade. I have already heard quite a lot of good things about the brands, and especially Aubade. Therefore I was thrilled to discver the new collections. After a couple of little cocktails, we savoured some champagne while waiting for the show to start. I had a big pleasure discovering the various designs. The colllection was very playfull and feminin and the textures were light and flaterred the silhouette. My favourite pieces were mainly those who had the biggest amount of silk and lace, I really enjoyed how the designers played with the transparency of the materials. This all adds a lot of subtle sexiness and sensuallity. Tough I am a lover of colourfull lingerie, I appreciated the classic esthetic of  the lingerie. I am a big fan of corsets and knee high lingerie stockings, and there were quite a lot of them that I enjoyed discovering. I let you guys have a look at some of my favourite pieces of this show, and hope you’ll enjoy these couple of pictures!

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