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Room tour

 L’ARRIÈRE DU DÉCORS I have always been, as I am for fashion, passionate abour the art of the decoration and dreamed about moving to a wide appartment that I could decorate form A to Z. The athmosphere is very important to me, I enjoy living in a very light space, with a lot of sun and space therefore I have chosen to build up my room around a minimalist theme complimented by nice detailings. But still, I don’t have much things hanging around, only the strict essentials and I’ve noticed that it helps me to stay organized and calm. My room has a real influence on my state of mind, if it’s messy I feel like it’s messy in my head aswell.The room I had before was too much overwhelmed, and because I have a very small one it is better to preserve a coziness and a fresh feel. My decorations is highly inspired by clasic esthetic, Chanel or Vogue inspire me aswell with their elegant minimalism. My room is maily monochromatic, blakc and white are the dominant colours and I find it very usefull and pleasant. To add a little bit of personality to my room, I decided to get a bunch of flower vases, it gives a much more vibrant feeling. I love setting candles on my nightstand, and sometimes putting some nice creams or perfumes on it, but usually all my items are inside my drawers. 

Now, a lot of you have been very curious about my dressing, well it’s actually quite small and I am missing space. Basically I have in my garde-robe only the clothes for the season, the other ones are neatly taken away in boxes and aren’t in my room. My shoes aren’t in my room and the bags are in my drawers. Because of the small size of my room, it was quite difficult to shot the pictures especially from some particular angles but here in those couple of shots you guys can see the most out of it, and especially the nice details that I enjoy. Also, if you are interested, all of my furniture and boards, are from IKEA!

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